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Triton RCV - Remote Control Valve


   Max Pressure 10,000 psi (68.9 Mpa)

   Max Depth 12,000 ft (3657m)

   Nitronic 50 Body

   Bottle Interfaces

              Soft Face Seal (1/2-20) 


Operation Options

   Manual operation with wrench

   Hydraulic Pilot


3 Side Ports



   Pressure Transducer or Subsea Gauge 

Triton RCV
RCV Operation Video
Triton RCVs in Circuits 
aa RCV.png
Allows large numbers of bottles to be tubed together on a single tubing run in a series.

One charging connection for all bottles.

Bottles can be charged simultaneously or individually as each RCV is operated independently allowing each bottle to be opened to... or isolated from... the circuit.   

If  RCV is closed and bottle is isolated, nitrogen will still flow through valve body and continue flowing in the circuit.  Unique feature of the Triton RCV.

                                                 Precharge Verification -  Fast and Safe

- Gas pressure in circuit is brought to precharge pressure.

- Hydraulic fluid pressure is dropped down 500 psi below bottle precharge pressure

- A gas gauge is now measuring gas pressure in charging circuit.

- Bottle #1 is opened and closed quickly.   If gauge does not change, precharge pressure is present. 

- Bottles are cycled through one at time in same manner while gauge is being observed.

- As soon as the RCV is opened on a bottle with compromised precharge the higher pressure in the tubing (small volume relative to bottle) will rush into bottle and the gauge will drop immediately indicating precharge has been lost.     

- Precharge can be checked on 20 bottles safely and quickly with a simple wrench.
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